Wednesday, October 29, 2008

She, falls into LOVE

She, falls into LOVE

As a light feather,

Just whirling around of the lovely breeze

She'll rise and sour upwards...

As a withered-yellow leaf in the autumn,

Just a zephyr blows whispering and touches her

She'll fall and slip out quietly...

As a lace curtain at the window,

Just a soft cool wind slowly passes by

She'll flew and tremble...

Oh! so to say......

As a little dew hanging at the fringe of a leaf,

Just the SUNshine kiss gently her

She'll be blown shyly away and disappear

Then her 'Existence' must be terminated right away.

(The one can make me feel the same as when I wrote it for the very first time...)

(About in May 2000)

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