Sunday, September 28, 2008

Feeling in Singapore!

I m just a so-called busy one! Coz sometimes we get so many projects, sometimes a little!

Anyway, we, Myanmar youths, always get stress away from own country, own family, own society whether busy or not!

Two weeks ago, I felt homesick seriously. So I had to work carefully, contacted my old friends, talked about this & that with them via phone & go to Toa Payoh on Saturdays to say Dammah Satkyar! Here there's no one except Buddha, Dammah & Sanga to rely on. Anyway I think it is the great chance to be mature, stronger & perfect!

We can live in Myanmar freely & happily without stress as the children’s, & without responsibilities to take in our home or work. Now status is totally different! Totally changed! We inevitably have to take responsibilities whatever we do here!

But I m lucky one coz there is one Myanmar senior engineer in my work. He taught me about work & also about people in our company. So I could adapt easily to my very new environment in my former days. Besides I think people in our company are alike Myanmar people.

Once, one of accountant Aunties (there's 2 accountants: 1 is age of over 40 & another 1 is about over 50) came & showed us (My senior & me) her grandson's photos in her hand phone. I felt pleased & though it is alike Myanmar culture! All the rests have warm heart too.

However they all are the strangers for all of us! So I miss my own society all the time! And I didn't notice before I came here that large amount of Myanmar blood is flowing throughout of the whole of my body!

But we have no choice in Myanmar!

One week ago, one of my friends asked me, "Are you happy in S'pore?” I couldn't answer anything except, "If u think I came here as I hoped I would be happy, your thought is totally wrong".

But I have already had the real words to say him next time. Like that:

"When I get my first salary here, I feel very pleased, thinking I am able to send it to my parents & my aunt. That kinda thought make me feel something! Besides I m very proud of myself coz I can stand on my own feet without supporting of my parents. That kinda felling is pretty good!

So I m very 'Satisfied' with myself in S'pore rather than 'Happy'."

Life is so-so.

In my point of view, it needs to practice to be content & to be satisfied with current situation! I can assure myself to try my best wherever I will be.

I wanna be the one who can look after family & the nearest ones. I don't like some of Myanmar people's manners & behaviors in S'pore. Most of them can't help or don’t wanna help each others. I don’t wanna be the one like that.

May I repeat!
I wanna be the one who can look after family & the nearest ones.

I wrote it on 21st July 2008. This one is an email I've send to my director of my previous work in Myanmar. Now I post it on my personal blog by editing a little.

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